Traditional Cobble Stone Paving

Cobbles provide a traditional looking and hard-wearing surface for driveways, patio’s and paths. Cobbles Rochdale are an extremely durable and long-lasting material and were traditionally used as a road surface in years gone by due to these properties. Cobbles have been discovered in use as road surfaces in Europe from as early as the 3rd century so as a traditional choice, you won’t be disappointed. A cobble stone surface is a beautiful addition to your home and is suitable for any area. We are experts in preparing your site and installing cobbles. Take a look at our gallery page for examples of cobble installation.

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The benefits of Cobblestone paving

  • Suitable for driveways – they can take the weight of any vehicle
  • Suitable for patios – we can provide different sizes, types and coloured cobbled to create a surface you can enjoy sitting out on
  • Suitable for pathways – when landscaping a garden, a cobble path can make a beautiful pathway addition to take you between garden areas
  • Natural product – all of our cobbles are natural and ethically sourced
  • Traditional finish
  • Hard-wearing and strong
  • Long lasting – a well installed cobble surface should last 100 years plus
  • Variety of sizes and colours available

Cobble installation process

  • We will visit your site to assess current conditions, take measurements and discuss your project
  • Ordering and delivering cobbles to site
  • Groundwork preparation – we may need to remove existing surfaces or prepare and level your site, including creating appropriate gradients for drainage
  • Cobble Installation and Setting – cobbles are a natural product with natural variations in size and shape, our expert fitters work with this to create a beautiful and professional finish.

You can usually walk or drive on your cobbles after three days, but our installation team will advise you on this depending on the weather conditions, intended use, and the size of the surface laid.

How much does cobble paving cost?

Cobbles may be more expensive than some other driveway and paving types, this is due to them being a 100% natural product and the labour and expertise required to lay them correctly. However, they are extremely durable and provide a forever finish. We are happy to provide a free quotation for your cobble project. Simply fill out our contact form for a call back.

We install cobble patios, paths and driveways throughout the Greater Manchester Area including Rochdale, Bury and Oldham. For more details on our areas visit our areas page.

Cobble Paving, Oldham

If you’d like to talk to us about cobblestone paving your home in the Oldham area, give our Oldham number a call, or fill in our contact form and ask for a free estimate.

Cobble Paving, Rochdale

If you’d like to talk to us about cobblestone paving for your home in the Rochdale area, give our Rochdale number a call, or fill in our contact form and ask for a free estimate.

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