Real Turf Lawns

Whether you wish to install a new lawn area, replace, existing turf or enlarge an existing lawn, J & J Groundworks have the turf Rochdale solution for you. Reinstating a lawned area or adding a new lawned area to your garden is becoming increasingly popular in response to concerns over the destruction of natural habitats for insects and wildlife. A lawned area not only looks beautiful but it has benefits for the local insect and wildlife population. It is perfect for welcoming a variety of birds to your garden who will visit for the insects. Natural turf adds a traditional element to your garden. We provide a variety of turf types so you can choose the best fit for your garden conditions and use. Whether you have shade or full sun, football nets or want a bowling green finish we can advise on the most suitable option for you.

Benefits of Natural Turf

  • Completely natural and good for the environment
  • Traditional look – an essential element of any quintessentially English garden
  • Attracts wildlife – perfect for birdwatching
  • Essential for those who love gardening – plenty of mowing, weeding, feeding and edging opportunities – for some their lawn maintenance becomes a real hobby
  • Perfect surface for children to play on – we offer different turf types to suit all types of use
  • Ideal for garden picnics – simply spread out your picnic blanket and enjoy your lawn
  • Creates a seating area perfect for deckchairs and relaxing – a lawned area can often feel fresher and cooler than being seated on a patio
  • Meadow area opportunities – wildflower turf areas are a popular idea to attract even more wildlife to your garden – add native wildflowers or simply allow your turf to grow from time to time to provide a beautiful meadow effect and attract even more wildlife

Turf can be an excellent addition to any sized garden. Check out our gallery to see some stunning examples of our work in and around Greater Manchester.

The Turf Installation Process

  • Visiting your site to assess current ground conditions
  • Project planning and ordering your chosen turf
  • Groundwork preparation – we may need to remove your existing lawn and/or level the area before we can begin installing your turf
  • Delivering and installing turf – you may choose to have a solid edge such as brick or board fitted prior to lawn installation
  • Turf trimming, fitting, and joining to ensure a professional finish
  • Watering in the lawn

Once your new lawn in laid, it is best to wait 2-3 weeks before using it so that it has time to settle and start rooting well.

It is best to lay turf in reasonably dry conditions, we are unable to lay turf on waterlogged or frozen ground.

We also offer Artificial Grass solutions if you decide that traditional turf is not the best option for you.

The Cost of Turfing Your Garden

The cost of turfing will depend on the conditions on your existing site, the size of your lawn, your edging requirements, whether you have existing lawn to remove first and your choice of turf. We are happy to provide a no obligation quotation for free so fill out our contact form for a call back.

We supply and install quality turf throughout the Greater Manchester Area including Rochdale, Bury and Oldham. For more details on our areas visit our areas page.

Turf Lawns, Oldham

If you’d like to talk to us about a real turf grass lawn for your home in the Oldham area, give our Oldham number a call, or fill in our contact form and ask for a free estimate.

Turf Lawns, Rochdale

If you’d like to talk to us about a real grass turf lawn for your home in the Rochdale area, give our Rochdale number a call, or fill in our contact form and ask for a free estimate.

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